About the company


1993: the Scientific and Production company Gimalai Ltd. was founded by members of the Samara State Aerospace University. The experience in hydraulic pressure dampers for the aircraft and engine fuel systems was used in creating effective pressure oscillation and vibration dampers for pressure gauges.

The company also developed special membrane and bellows seals to protect pressure gauges from corrosive, contaminated and hot media on energy and chemical processing plants. PTFE bellows seals have high corrosion resistance and increased displaced volume. Reliability and long lifetime is guaranteed by use of hastelloy, titanium housing and PTFE coating.

2002: a pressure reducing device FDU for steam power plants water sample panels was patented and started in production. Sample panel SPP22 was introduced to the market.

2003: carbon and stainless steel needle valves with variety of connection sizes within 5 years became our famous product on the market in Russia. Bellows sealed and three-way needle valves carry on nice tradition.

2007: o-rings and rubber seals production set up. The company is well-known as a producer of steam power plant feed pump seals.

2010: start of instrumentation accessories, adapters, capillary pipes, coolers and connectors production.

Company's research work guided by professor, member of International Academy of Informatization Asgat Gimadiev has fields of interest in:

- dampers for fuel and hydraulic systems of the aircraft engines, rolling mills, equipment for the injection of reagents in oil wells, instrumentation;

- instrumentation protection against highly corrosive media;

- sensors and instruments for measuring ultra low speed of the air heater drum at presence of high temperature and vibration.

Our products have been patented and tested under real operating conditions on thermal power plants and other enterprises, have certificates of conformity and all necessary permits. The Gimalai Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Samara region. We support our products in the process of exploitation in the workplace. Our experts are competent to advise the optimal solution.

Looking forward to welcoming you as our customer!

The Gimalai Ltd. CEO
Gimadiev Azat

office 404, Zavodskoye shosse, 13b, Samara, 443022, Russia